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A song about the National Resistance Movement and the peace it has brought to Uganda

Posted by Robert Egwea on March 9, 2009 at 1:38 PM 3648 Views

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Reply Arao Ameny (Arao is my first name!)
2:13 PM on October 6, 2010 
beautiful song...
Reply Robert Egwea
9:19 PM on May 16, 2009 
The concerns of the people of Northern Uganda have been heard and are being addressed by various authorities including the government of Uganda. I am aware that this song does not necessarily reflect the full picture of the sutuation in the whole country, but the fact is that there is now relative peace throughout Uganda. Although northern Uganda has been so disadvantaged due to a combination of factors and the people of that region continue to disproportionaly suffer from poverty, disease and other problems, I strongly disagree with the notion that the north should secede from Uganda. The recent call by some northern ugandan MPs for formation of so-called Nile Republic is in my view grossly irresponsible and a recipe for disaster. We will not go down that route but will continue to voice up the concerns of our people through available peaceful channels. For your information I have now set up a non-partisan group called Northern & Eastern Uganda Development Lobby (NEUDL) with the aim of advocating and mobilising resources for equitable and sustainable development of northern and eastern Uganda. Stay tuned for the activities of this group. For more information please visit:

Apwoyo, an
R. Olet Egwea
Reply alex opio
6:20 AM on May 13, 2009 
hullo brothers and sisters of the great land of lango,i wish to comment on yesterday`s talk show on WBS TV,Guest speakers:Fungaroo kaps ; mp from arua and betty anywar,'mama mabira' kitgum.about unfair distribution of the national cake.Indeed i strongly a gree with the concern of the two MPS about formation of the greater north.sincerely we have been tortured and marginalised a great deal and this is not what one needs to be convinced about given the alarming socio economic situations in the region in comparison to the west,this does not mean we want to be special ,a monopoly and tribalistic but raising concern about equitable access and distributions of the national cake and building a nation that suits the interest of all ugandans.when i was in makerere we were so few in the lecture rooms,halls and hostels and so called lango association in the university."lasa." where i once served as the speaker.i also wonder how the number wil be if the proposed tuition increment by university council is approved...what is so amazing is the tyepe of jobs our people will get given the increasing labour demands in uganda.i think our legislaters should do something about this.
Reply alex opio
5:48 AM on May 13, 2009 
jojok amalo bot wu ducu aduca pi yeli wi me kelo wan lango iwi yamo me abedo alex opio, atye lira town ento abedo anywali me oyam ,aber sub cty,adyegi parish, atyeko kwano pwonyere i makerere university imwaka 2008,apwonyo i cukul acel lira kan.acop acopa i website man ento pe onwongo angeyo.atamo ni wan langi myero oti kede iyore aber me dongo wa ilobo olaya kede i uganda kan.tic atek pwod tye amite me roco kwo ajo wa ame obedo i kema pi mwaki akato 20 twal.apwoyo. ALEX. OPIO.
Reply Wacha, An-Wia-pe
1:34 PM on April 8, 2009 
En kuc ame otye akobo ni an gira mom aneno. Pien ka an atye awot onoro, tyena gu dang waro pe iye, angit dok an aming eno ame owkeo an atye adeno can; en kuc ame otye awero ni tye kwene. Agal nyo woto butu in Rwakitura, te bino beayo abea iwi yamo Lango te karo iwotere me dok. Ento atinoro ni gumere tye ba me en bilu kuc ame NRA gi okello noi ba. Aco bala wan jo okene ni pwod wan otiye omoyo yo kucere. Apwoyo wun lung itung por ceng gede gen.