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Lango Diaspora Conference Report 2007

About the conference

Lango Diaspora Conference August 24-26th 2007 was conceived by Langi in the Diaspora after the realisation that Lango sub-region in northern Uganda has lagged behind in development, especially in the last 20 years, compared to the rest of Uganda. Read more

Chairman’s speech
In this opening speech Alex Okullo:

·           Asked the Conference to hold a one minute silence in remembrance of the late David Ebong former chairman of Lango Association who passed away a year ago.


·           Welcomed all delegates and invited guests to the first ever Lango Conference hailing it as a first step in the right direction. Also welcomed Won Nyaci Rwot Yossam Odur, Ministers Amama Mbabazi, Daniel Omara Atubo, David Wakikona and other invited guests.Read more


Secretary’s speech 

 Mr Egwea argued the case for special recognition of the situation in Lango. He stated that the success story of Africa as Uganda is portrayed by some sections of the media especially in the west is not the case with northern and eastern Uganda, stressing that the situation in Lango is unique because of 5 main factors: Read more

Won Nyaci’s speech

Won Nyaci Yosam Odur commended the organisers of the conference for bringing the people of Lango together.


·           He reported that Government responded to the request of the Langi and gave them new districts of Amolatar, Dokolo and Oyam. More are still needed.


·           On peace, he talked about the effect of cattle rustling and LRA war on the Langi, and outlined peace efforts with the Karamojong, the Acholi and other neighbours. Read more

Dr Akena Adoko’s speech


Adwong Won Nyaci me Lango, Mr. Chairman, Delegates and Observers to the Lango Association Conference 2007.  On behalf of the Lango Association, I warmly welcome all of you, in my capacity as one of the Lango Elders in U.K., to this international conference.  

I congratulate the Executive Committee of the Lango Association in the United Kingdom, for organizing the Conference.
Read more


Government delegates

In this section are speeches by:

Hon Stephen Timms,  MP for East Ham, UK

Hon Amama Mbabazi, MP, Minister for Security/NRM Secretary General, Uganda

Hon Daniel Omara Atubo, MP, Minister of Lands, Housing & Urban Development, Uganda

Hon David Wakikona, MP, Minister of State for reconstruction of Northern Uganda

Read more


 Lango MPs 

Speeches/presentations by:

Hon Ben Wacha

Hon David Ebong Abongo

Hon Beatrice Lagada

Read more

Presentations from professionals 

This section contains the following presentations:

 Environmental Sanitation by Dr Oku-Oleng

Alternative HIV Treatment  by Dr Mike Ogwal 

Entrepreneurship Development in Lango by Adam OdwaPost-Harvest technologies as a means of improving Food Security and Household Incomes in Lango Sub-region, by Grace Aluoch Ocheng

Comprehensive Approach for Sustainable Social Change, by Margaret Opio

Read more

Papers not presented

This section contains papers submitted but not presented at the conference: 

Lango in the 21st Century: A 40 Year Plan for Prosperity and Posterity of a People, by Joe Nam, a Journalist and Development Communications Specialist 

Realising the Right to Education in Post-Conflict Northern Uganda by Judith A. Oder, a Lawyer with INTERIGHTS’ Africa ProgramHow information access and the media can empower communities in Lango sub-region, by Robert Olet Egwea, Information Management and Community Development Specialist 

Challenges in education – improving education in Lango sub-region, by Charles Wana Etyam, Wana Consultants
Lango Environmental concerns by Partick Ogwal Elor The role of Diaspora Students and Youths in Development of lango Sub-region, Uganda, by Geoffrey Odur

Read more

Conclusions & Recommendations

Participants were satisfied with the Conference as a whole although many people would have preferred more time to participate in discussions.  Conclusions and recommendations of the main thematic areas are summarized as follows: Read more

Conference evaluation

On the last day of the conference a simple evaluation of the conference was done by the Chairman of Lango association. He asked delegates to indicate by show of hands if they were happy about the conference. Those present on that day unanimously raised their hands in approval. Less than 10 people kept their hands down. The best assessment of the success of the conference came through e-mails. Extracts of some of them are below. Read more



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