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Lango King receives Royal treatment, appeals for unity

LONDON, 26 October 2012:His Highness Won Nyaci (Paramount Chief) of Lango Yocam Odur has successfully completed the first leg of his Diaspora visit in America and is now in UK with a non-partisan message of unity, development and cultural preservation.


Won Nyaci  who is currently visiting Lango community in the Diaspora, has been given a royal send off in the US. As he completed his first leg of the visit, a number of Lango sons and daughters especially those from Maryland, Virginia and DC area joined the long convoy that took His Highness to Dulles International Airport, Washington, D.C.


At the Airport clearance was quick as His Highness was given a VIP treatment amid ejira kede duru (joyous ululation) intervals from Lango women. A number of individuals knelt down to say good-bye to His Highness to the amazement of people from other cultures at the terminal area.


On arrival in the UK, the Lango King as he is now commonly known in Europe and America, was warmly received at the airport by members of the Lango community in UK including Lango Association UK Chairman Richard Omedi, Vice Chairman Alfred Odyero, Publicity Secretary Suzan Oyere and Former General Secretary of Robert Egwea.


His Highness and his Prime Minister Col (Rtd) Tony Otoa immediately reached out to Lango Elders Council (LEC) with the aim of addressing their concerns as outlined in their recent letter and various e-mails.  LEC had already issued a statement reaffirming their decision not to meet with Won Nyaci.


In his letter to LEC, the Prime Minister wrote:  I am appealing to you to reconsider your decision not to meet His Highness Won Nyaci. We are here in London up to Tuesday 29th October 2012 and I believe we can still get time and meet you either separately or jointly with the rest of the community on Saturday 27th October 2012.”


It is clear that this visit has already achieved some of its intended goals. A stronger Lango Diaspora community is being created. Several sons and daughters of Lango in USA and UK have already made financial contributions towards Lango Conference 2012 and LCF initiatives. 


The message from Won Nyaci and his entourage during meetings with members of Lango Community in the Diaspora has been clear, non partisan and non political. In America, his Highness poured out his heart to Lango in the Diaspora and appealed for unity, development and maturing of strong culture, strong family values.  


His Highness was able to comfort his sons and daughters, struggling in the US and UK and facing some of the hardships associated with immigrant life and economic challenges of this age. Won Nyaci also met with various members of the Lango community in the Diaspora individually to advise them on various cultural issues including resolution of land issues back home.


Won Nyaci, Won Deo, Yocam Odur has proved to be a true father and leader who understands and cares about the real needs of his people.



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