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Aspiring Lira LC5 candidate reportedly poisoned

By Phillips Ogile

Oremo Alot in hospital (photo by Phillips Ogile) 

Lira, April 18, 2008: The Lira District Speaker Alex Oremo Alot was last week rushed to Lacor Hospital in a critical condition after taking a fanta soda that was being distributed to councilors during  an extraordinary council meeting at Lira District Council hall. He is believed to have been poisoned.

Oremo who is in room 2 surgery ward in Lacor Hospital is on internal screening which is being done by specialists.  The reddish substance which was taken from him tested toxicology positive. Further analysis is yet to be done to determine what kind of poison it is.

“I am asking Langi to pray for me since I am in a critical condition.  Whatever somebody or people plan against me I leave it in the hands of God” Oremo said while speaking to our correspondent from the Hospital. He continues that he has been going having into many death threats and that he previously survived from the hand of robbers who had Guns. 

Oremo in the last few months has shown interest in 2011 Lira District Chairmanship and is waiting for primary elections that will be held in 2010 under Uganda People Congress. 

UPC supporters in Lira reportedly believe that Oremo was poisoned because he is seen as a political threat to the current Lira District Chairman Franco Ojur. UPC supporters also say even the Late Odwee Arago might have been poisoned because of leadership struggle.


Government will amend section 32b of the proposed Land Amendment Bill -  Omara  Atubo

By Ronald Odongo and Geoffrey Omara

Lira, April 17, 2008: The new Land Amendment Bill consultation in Lango sub region yesterday turned into excitements following the announcement by the Lands Minister Daniel Omara Atubo that the government will delete the controversial clause 32 b.

Atubo told gathering at Lira municipal hall that the government will have to overhaul section 32 b to cater for the customary nature of our land tenure system which arises under the clause. We will have to amend it substantially says minister Atubo.

Section 32 b in the new amendment bill is intended to give protections to anybody claiming interest in your land.

Atubo stressed that some people are spreading negative propaganda that the government is intending to grab land if the bill is passed. “This is completely very wrong”, he said.

The Minister who confessed that he and the team were expecting chaotic reception in Lango sub region but surprisingly the consultation went very smoothly without turning rowdy.  

Most local leaders blamed the opposition Mps for deliberately misinterpreting the bill to the people.

The consultations were also blessed by the Prime Minister of Lango Cultural Foundation Faustino Olwit Engol who urged the people of Lango to support the new bill because it would give protection to our land.

Atubo added that the bill is intended to ensure that ownership of customary tenure system is entrenched and he also vowed to involve cultural institutions to handle the issue of evictions and land disputes before the court. He referred to section 88 of the 1998 land act which gives authority to cultural institution to handle land disputes.

Early last month members of parliament from Lango sub region held similar consultation on the new land amendment bill which turned chaotic after some members of the ruling NRM party demanded proper explanation on the controversial section 32 b in the bill.

Minister Atubo warned the bill would not give protection to that anybody claiming interest in anyone's land without customary relationship, such as the Balalo trespassers.  

Peasants occupying land as tenants cannot afford to pay commercial rent because they earn low incomes, Lands Minister Daniel Omara Atubu has said.

Omara Atubu, who was meeting Religious Leaders, Opinion and Political on Wednesday, said under the proposed Land Amendment Bill, tenants should pay a nominal rent as opposed to commercial rent.

Atubu said the land law was being amended because of the big demand for land. He reiterated that the Government would protect peasants with regards to land ownership.

Landlords, he stated, should amicably reach an agreement with bibanja (plot) holders.

He said landlords do not have power to evict tenants and also warned that magistrates, the Police and other parties involved in illegal evictions would serve seven years in Prison.

Landlords who destroy tenants’ properties should compensate them, he added, lashing out at local private radio stations for causing commotion over the land issue.

He advised religious leaders to advise people misleading the wananchi over the land bill to stop. 

The executive is currently carrying out consultation on the new land amendment bill in the five regions.


An international NGO suspended over shoddy work

By Ronald Odongo

Lira, April 17, 2008: Light Force International, a British NGO has been suspended by Lira District Council from operating in the district over suspected shoddy constructions of teachers’ houses in some primary schools.  

The suspension of Light Force International follows several negative reports by the local community from the sub county of Aromo and Apalla where the NGO was constructing about 98 staff houses.

The organisation has also been warned several times for failing to work according to the district primary schools’ staff houses construction plan.

Light Force International's country director George Ridley confirmed the suspension of their operation in Lira, adding that it would transfer operation to Dokolo District.

George Ridley says currently Light Force International is active in the renovations of some primary schools teachers' houses in the sub county of Aromo, with the funding from UNICEF and some Belgian organisation.



Lira councillors protest against unpaid salary arrears


BY Ronald Lira: 12/4/08


Lira, April 12, 2008: Lira district Chief Administrative Officer and the council speaker were yesterday left alone in the hall after councilors stormed out of the meeting demanding their pay of three months accumulated salary areas before the meeting could get started.


About 25 councilors walked out from the meeting saying there should be no meeting if their money is not paid before they could begin the emergency meeting. The emergency council meeting was called to approve the supplementary budget to cater for the alleged 32 million shillings unaccounted for by the chief financial officer James Ekonga.


Joyce Ongom a Lira sub county councilor led the furious councilors out of the meeting.

Last week, the public accounts committee summoned Lira district chief financial officer James Ekonga and the chief administrative officer to explain circumstances under which over 32 million shillings got lost from the district account.


Speaker Alex Oremo Alot pleaded with councilors to return for the meeting but it proved futile.

Dickens Odongo a councilor representing Omoro sub county says they have not been paid their money for the last three months suspecting some district officials of being behind the delays of their salaries.


Chief administrative officer Abdul Ishodo told the councilors to be calm because the district is processing their pay and they would get it by next week.


The meeting was adjourned after the councilors had left the house. This is the second time when Lira district councilors are demanding for their payment.




UPC are planning a big demo in Lango 


By Phillips Ogile


Lira, April 11, 2008: The Uganda People Congress spokesperson in Lango sub region and also vice chairperson for UPC in Lira Municipality Michael Ogwal Achonga has said they are very happy for the defection of the independent members of parliament to FDC. The party will be holding a big celebration in Lango to demonstrate their happiness at the defection, he maintained.


“These people where hiding in the party but according to the daily monitor news paper of last week Kizza Besigye the party president of FDC, disclosed that he has started working with these people in the formation of the party in 2001 and know in 2006 they where complaining that they where locked out of the party”, Ogwal said. 


Ogwal added, that Lango as a tribe have realized the misleading ideas some people have been driving towards, and some politicians like Woman member of parliament for Dokolo Cecilia Atim Ogwal, who has been in Parliament for ages but doesn’t want to train other ladies to be Irion ladies like her. “This is selfishness”.


Cecilia Ogwal and 4 other Lango Members of parliament last week signed a memorandum of understanding with Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) to work jointly to take up the government since there was claim that they were locked out from UPC party in 2006 primary election.


Former District Chairperson of UPC Nasuru Himpira Ogwang, told Lango Web that  what he had been saying that there are some people that have bad intention about UPC as now surfaced.



Lira Post Bank embarks on detaining loan defaulters


By Rolex Akena


Lira April 9, 2008: Post Bank-Uganda at its Lira Office has resorted to arresting and detaining loan clients who fail to remit their loans on stipulated dates. On Tuesday the bank arrested seven people and detained them in one of the inner rooms at the bank premises from morning to 6:00 pm.


The seven detainees only managed to emerge out of the detention room after the arrest and detention of Jimmy Luis Onapa, the Proprietor of a Lira based Unity FM.


Onapa says he went to the bank after a colleague called him to bail him out from the detention, which he even declined to give the money after failure by the friend to explain why he has always failed to remit loans.


Onapa says his attempt to interview bank authorities earned him an immediate detention and assaults by three ladies when he introduced himself as a scribe. The officers who carried out the arrests were Assistant Credit Manager Nsiima Rhona, Nkwanzo Rosemary and their unidentified colleague.


The situation was only saved after the arrival of cops from Lira Central Police Station.


Bank authorities told police this morning that the scribe applied a wrong approach and that their subsequent action was a result of fatigue at the work place adding that the detainees have been unkind to the bank by defaulting for weeks.


Officials from the bank led by the Branch Manager Vincent Oneka have however apologised to the scribe before the Lira CPS Office Commandant Cosmas Ruganzu who said banks have no authority to detain defaulters.




5 people killed over Abim and Lira districts border conflicts


By Ronald Odongo


Lira, April 9, 2008: About five people all residents of sub counties bordering the districts of Abim and Lira have allegedly been killed by unknown gang of people over the suspected border disputes.


Olilim LC3 chairperson George Kamara Oyang said out of the five local people, 3 were residents of his area while other 2 were suspected to be residents of Lotuke Sub County in Abim district.


Oyang says mysterious deaths are on the increase especially around the disputed border accusing some armed group in Abim to have been behind all the killings at the border.


He cited legally armed by the government "Para-Military "personnel in Abim district as the master group behind the border killing.


The Abim district resident commissioner Fred Bob Washukuria decided before the meeting turned rowdy to launch investigations into the alleged death of five people from Lira and Abim districts.


Washukuria acknowledged the concern adding that some politicians are inciting the local people to wage war on each over the border conflicts as a way to secure their votes in 2011.


He warned that anybody who may fall a victim of having hands in the alleged death of about 5 people shall be dealt with according to constitution of Uganda.


The RDC downplayed the rumors that the Abim district local government has deployed soldiers and the army to protect the disputed border of Lira and Abim districts.


Last week suspected paramilitary people, a local group legally armed by the government to protect cows,  allegedly staged an ambush with intension to attacking the deputy 5 division army commander Col. Sam Okori, Lira DPC and RDC who had gone to access the disputed border.



Border conflict between Abim and Lira has sent several people who had returned from different internally displaced persons camps to another satellite new camps at Olilm trading centre.


On Monday the border conflict meeting that was organized to settle the disputes turned rowdy following the disagreement by some crowds if Abim elders over the resolution of demarcating the border basing on the 1953 maps.


The meeting that was held at Lotuke primary school was abruptly called off by the Abim LC5 chairperson Norman Ochero saying he had seen violence growing among the people.




Abim-Lira border meeting ends in stalemate


By Akena Patrick Rolex


Lira, April 7, 2008: A meeting which drew officials from Lira and Abim district to end border conflict on Monday ended in disagreement as both districts maintained ownership of the disputed piece of land.


Residents of Olilim Sub county Otuke County in Lira District, claim that Abim has encroached on their land 1.5 km away from the boundary. They claim some leaders from Abim constructed a borehole and rehabilitated a road which has already been done by Lira District.

However residents of Abim have accused Lira District of rehabilitating their road and that the latter removed a boundary sign post belonging to Abim.


The meeting which was chaired by the Abim Resident District Commissioner Bob Wasugiriya, was attended by Political, Religious and cultural leaders from both districts including the local MP Florence Omwony Ojok.


The meeting enacted an eight member committee comprising four members from each side to process a copy of original boundary map from Lands Ministry in Entebbe.


The committee will report their findings in a follow up meeting expected in two weeks time, in the presence of land surveyors who would carry out physical measurements of the disputed land.


Lira district Chairman Franco Ojur and his Abim counterpart Norman Ochero urged for calm among the residents along the boarder as they wait for a peaceful end to the conflict.


Leaders say it is the first time in history, for Lira District inhabited by Lango tribe and Abim inhabited by the Jabwor to embroil in boarder wrangles. The two districts’ inhabitants coincidentally speak a similar language.


Residents under electricity lines to quit

By Ronald Odongo

LIRA, April 4, 2008: Uganda Electricity Transmission Company limited has ordered residents to vacate areas under the transmission line with immediate effect.

The company’s public relations officer, Kenneth Otim says the eviction order is in line with the company’s move to construct access roads and bridges along the transmission corridor.

Mr. Otim says the construction of the access roads is to allow the company to easily change the transmission poles from wood to steel towers.

The construction kicks off in June to November from Tororo to Lira district.

He noted that some residents have unlawfully built, buried their dead or grown crops under the transmission line; acts, he says, contravene the Electricity act of 1999.

He stressed that all those who have breached the Act would be dealt with according to the law, with some facing up to two years in jail besides fines and court costs.

UETCL senior investigation officer, Munduni Ronald says the access roads will be open to public use, including light vehicles, although maintenance will rest with the company.

He says a verification team will start off soon to examine cases that need compensation.

He however warned that most people would not be compensated because they illegally occupied the transmission corridor, for which compensation was effected 48years ago.

The access roads will measure 15 metres on either side from the centre of the transmission line, essentially measuring 30metres wide.

“Wek Abonyo Kwani” star - radio presenter 

By Phillips Ogile                                           

Lira, April 4, 2008: The film star of WEK ABONYO KWANI the local film that was produced to educate the population in Lango about girls’ child education is now working as a radio presenter in with Radion Unity in Lira.

Akello Barbara Vicky, a Senior 6 student from Integrated Secondary School Lira acted as Abonyo Silvia Rose in the local film screened in 2002 to educate the population on girls’ child education. The film was sponsored by Action Aids Apac.

Wek Abonyo Kwani, was starred by many people but Abonyo was a key character in the film, which helped a lot to educate schools in Lango about the rights of girls to education. The film was a hot cake in the region especially among the the Luo community.

When contacted for an interview, Akello said she is now about 21 years old. She was born in Ibuje Sub county Apac district but now lives in Lira Municipality. “After acting that film when I was still in Star Advance Collage Lira I changed many schools because of money problem and of recent I finished senior six with (HEL) but did not do very well” said Abonyo.

She asked for anybody who can help her continue with her education to contact her through Unity Fm in Lira.  


Royal Academy exam results withheld

Ronald Odongo

LIRA, April 4, 2008:  Over 150 students from Royal Academy in Lira are likely to miss exams as the Ministry of Education and sports, through the Uganda National examinations Board, continue to still hold the results of 2007 Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education for Royal Academy, in Lira town.

The school director, Hamza Owiny Amuja, says the results have been put on hold because some candidates sat for papers that they had not registered for.

Other three secondary schools attached to their UNEB centre number also stand great chance of missing this year’s UNEB examinations for both O and A levels.

Lira intergrated has registered over one hundred senior four candidates and Green Hill SS is stranded with over 60 candidates according to Hamza Owiny Amuja.

Mr. Owiny says the malpractice has attracted them a penalty of 300,000= shillings, which the school is struggling to raise.

He adds that last week the school sent a staff to UNEB with 270,000= shillings, but the National Exams governing body refused the money, a claim that could not be independently verified.

He however warned that the candidates, numbering up to 15, would offer restitution for damages the malpractice may have occasioned.

He concealed the particulars of the candidates implicated in the malpractice; complicating attempts to have them make a comment.

Meanwhile, UACE Candidates at Royal Academy, an independent school in Lira town, sat amid commotion due to poor up keep in 2007.


Kony will not sign peace agreement – Ojur

By Rolex Akena

Lira, April 2, 2008: Franco Ojur the Lira District LC V Chairperson has said the Lord’s Resistance Army rebel commander Joseph Kony will most likely not append his signature on the Juba Peace talk resolutions.

Ojur said this while responding to the postponement of the signing ceremony which was scheduled for April 2, 2008 for Kony in Rikwangba.

The Chairman disclosed that during their consultative meeting with Kony in Garamba last year, the rebel leader spoke sternly about the International Criminal Court indictment against him and other LRA top commanders and advocated that it should be dropped.

Ojur is also uncertain about the possibility of ICC dropping the case against LRA because the LRA matter is one of their first cases that can determine the relevance of The Hague based court to the world.

He said if Kony signed the agreement, he will not honor it and may not come out of the bush.

Uganda Government peace team, observers and local leaders were shocked on learning that Kony had pushed the event up to April 10, 2008.

LRA Chief Peace negotiator Nyekorach Matsanga told reporters in Juba yesterday that Kony was still on his way to Rikwangba and was unwell because some of his commanders were sick. 

NGO accused of distributing expired drugs

By Ronald Odongo

Lira, April 1, 2008: A UK funded local organization based in Lira; All Nations Christian Care is being investigated by the ministry of health on the allegation of distributing fake drugs and expired medical facilities.

The investigation follows the distribution of free drugs and medical facilities to some government owned health centres in Lango sub region by the alleged humanitarian organization.

According to a northern regional pharmacist attached to Lira regional referrals hospital, Thomas Obua,  All Nations Christian Care has allegedly been distributing suspected fake drugs and expired medical facilities to the districts of Oyam, Lira, Amolatar,Apac and Dokolo.

Obua however denied giving the details of where they get the fake drugs and medical facilities from. But according to the project administrator Moses Okao, All Nations Christian Care has never participated in alleged distribution of expired drugs and medical facilities.

He claims that some top medical officers in Lira district wanted the drugs distributed to their private clinics. Another high profile field officer attached to All Nations Christian Care said that all the expired drugs are always burnt to ashes when discovered.

The authorities of the organization have threatened to sue the pharmacist for calling them a “fake organization”.


MP blocked from Lira Spinning Mill

By Omara Geoffrey

Lira, April 1, 2008: Amolatar district Woman MP Caroline Okao was on Friday and Saturday blocked from entering the Uganda Spinning Mill premises in Lira.

Okao wanted to make an appointment for the trade and tourism committee to tour the factory.

She told journalists that Parliament assigned her to meet officials of Dunavant, Lango Cooperative Union and the spinning mill ahead of their visit next month.

“I was received cordially by the officials of Dunavant and Lango Cooperative Union but when I went to Uganda Spinning Mill Lira, I was denied the opportunity to meet the management,” Okao said, adding that she spent an hour at the gate trying to negotiate with the guard.

Lii Shi, the manager, told the gatekeeper to ask her to call the chief executive officer of the company, she added.

Okao said the place looked deserted.

“When they blocked me, I became very suspicious because if there was nothing wrong, they would not have stopped me from entering?” she asked.

Jind Hong, the chief executive officer, said the MP was not locked out but the manager was out of office by the time she visited the factory.

“We apologise to the MP and Parliament for what happened.”

She added that the factory, which was to be refurbished, would resume work by May.

Okao’s assignment followed a complaint by the area youth MP, Dennis Hamson Obua that the mill was not operational and the company (JITCO), which bought it, had sold the machinery.

But Hong said some parts of the machines were removed because they were old and used outdated technology.




Rural school closed due to lack of teachers


By Rolex Akena


Lira, March 29, 2008: The local council 3 chairperson for Adwari Sub county Moroto County in Lira District on Friday closed Ader Primary School and sent over 495 pupils back home.


John Bosco Dagama Olwit says he reached the school at 6am and waited until 10:00 where only one teacher Alfred Olelo reported for duty out of 7 teachers.


Olwit adds that over 400 pupils were playing in the compound and in the nearby bush without attending to classes due to the chronic absence of teachers in the school.


The Chairman reports that he has sacked the school headmaster Rubby Opio who has been seen in the school only 5 times since the beginning of first term but 5 teachers have never stepped the school compound.


The school reopens on April 1st 2008 with an emergency PTA meeting summoned by the LC3 Chairman.


Ader Primary School bears a motto which reads “our mission is to deliver quality service”


Headmaster Rubby Opio and the 5 absentee teachers could not be located for comments.


However Lira District Inspector of Schools Rev. James Awany calls for vigilance amongst parents so that bad teachers are reported for appropriate actions.


Some parents are blaming the district education department for failure to ensure that head teachers and staffs stay and deliver the services government pay them for at their centers, but the Rev Awany says they can not act without a tip from concerned parents given that the district is large.



Headmaster impounds students’ notebooks over unpaid fees


By Rolex Akena


Lira, March 28, 2008: Senior six students of Lira Town College were shocked when the school head teacher Henry Mukoza Lugona Stormed their prep room and impounded all their note books and other reading materials last night.


The students, who kept on mailing short phone messages to their parents and radio stations in Lira today, accused the headmaster of acting without giving clear reasons for his action.

The books were by press time stored in two sacks and placed in the headmasters office.


However the headmaster have blamed the students of intentionally refusing to pay registration fees for Uganda National Examinations UNEB yet the dead line is just 3 weeks ahead.


Mugona says school authorities sat in a meeting and resolved that he implements the same action on senior four and six students who failed to register for UNEB or pay tuition fees.


The school exams master Mr. Emongo Emoto notes that most candidates are not willing to sit their examinations from Town College and have registered elsewhere but want to use the school resources without paying for them.


Recently parents sat and resolved that Mr. Mukoza be transferred from Town College, accusing him of failing the school in several ways.



Museveni hails Lango in fight against poverty


By Phillips Ogile


Lira, March 27, 2008: LANGO sub region has been hailed for their tireless effort in the fight against poverty in the region. The appreciation was passed by his excellence Yoweri Kaguta Museveni while addressing local council three at the training wing in Kyankwanzi recently.


Structurally, the president said Lango is simultaneously improving compared to Alur Sub region with the highest number of grass thatch houses are in existence.


He urges the chairperson to co-operate and encourage their area resident to get involved in government programme of prosperity for all as away to eradication.


Local council three in all sub counties in the country where in the training for the prosperity all programs baptize as (Bonabagagwale) that was introduce in the country to eradicate poverty.




“Be prepared” - Rev Otoo Olima


By Phillips Ogile


Lira, March 27, 2008: Reverend Canon Jackie Milton Otoo Olima of Lango Dioceses has called on people to be spiritually ready because death dose not compromise with any one.


Otoo Olima made this call during the burial of Lango Cultural Speaker Yokosan Okello Ebic in Apala sub County Moroto county Lira district.


He said many are spiritually lost due to worldly pleasure and wealth forgetting that their soul does not belong to the world.


Otoo Olima also caution elders to integrate the youth into leadership role and learn to peacefully retire from their positions to avoid over straining which reduces their life span.


He therefore appeals to the bereaved family of the Late Ebic especially the children to follow their father footstep to keep Ebic legacy burning.


Speaker Ebic was laid to rest on the 20 march 2008 with chief moanour being the Lango paramount chief Muzze Yosum Odur with attendance of various stake holders including Lango politician especially the local LC Vs in the region.




NUSAF aids Lira bee keepers


By Phillips Ogile


Lira, March 27, 2008: Northern Uganda Social Action Funds NUSAF as donated bee press settling tank to ld age bee keeping group in railways division Lira Town worth two million shillings.


The chairman of the above group Silvesto Owani Okeng while speaking brushed off claims that NUSAF project has failed in its effort to eradicate poverty.


Owani added that, complain are only realized in groups whose members are money oriented and target to divert the funding into their personal benefit.


Currently British Hygiene care an organization operating in Lira town is collaborating with NUSAF in the fight against poverty in the region.


Many scandal have  arose on NUSAF as some people tend to mismanage the funds but state house official have arrived in the region coursing panic to the culprits.




Kaberamaido NUSAF vehicle impounded in Lira 


By Phillips Ogile


Lira, March 27, 2008: A Kaberamaido NUSAF Toyota vehicle has been implicated in Lira town as the driver failed to pay up the packing fee of five hundred shilling only. The white double cabin pickup that had its wheel was locked at Lira Bus Park.  


 “Why that is the pickup is locked only for 500 shilling? A member of the public asked.


The pickup stood for two hours in the same place until some district official came to its rescue following appeals from several people.


When asked at the scene, the driver who was stranded with the key in his hand said he packed the pickup to buy something at the shop but to his surprise he came and got the vehicle locked with chain.


NUSAF is northern Uganda Social Action Fund and the program is funded by World Bank to eradicated poverty from northern and eastern Uganda. Kaberamido district is one of the beneficiary districts of the programme.  



Lira hospital administrator arrested for rejecting a dead body


By Ronald Odongo


Lira, March 24, 2008: Lira regional referrals hospital administrator Thomas Obong was yesterday arrested by the police in Lira for allegedly rejecting the dead body of a suspected street kid who was killed by the mob over the weekend.


Thomas Obong was detained on the order of the district detective chief ASP Christopher Uchamgui for denying to house the dead body in the hospital mortuary.


The arrest follows Obong’s remarks that the dead body belonged to the police and not the hospital.


He had earlier authorized the hospital mortuary attendants to take the dead body back to Lira central police station.


The district detective police chief Christopher Uchamgui ordered the police to arrest Thomas Obong on the allegation of denying police access to the hospital mortuary.


He was however later on released on police bond. Report within the police indicates that investigation is being carried


John Ojede 21, a Lira town street boy was killed by the suspected mob for pick pocketing fifty thousand shillings from a businessman at hotel grand pacific during a night show.


The dead body was later picked by the relatives for burial at their village 14 km east of Lira town.



Easter celebrations claim five lives


By Ronald Odongo


Lira, March 24, 2008: Police in Lira are investigating the circumstances under which over five people allegedly lost their lives during the Easter day celebration over the weekend.


John Ojede 21 street boy was killed by the suspected mob justice for pick pocketing fifty thousand shillings from a Lira top business man.  


Another person, Elit Anna died after committing suicide. The police report revealed that Elit Anna was caught lining her thigh to her aunt’s husband on Saturday. Police officers at Lira central based confirmed the incidents saying they have logged investigations into the incidents.


A 32 year old woman only identified as Sophia Apica was allegedly beaten to death by suspected drunkard husband; both were struggling for 1kg of meat. She was rushed to Ronam clinic where she died from early this morning.


Other two were reported from Moroto and Erute North constituencies.


This is the first Easter day celebration that has claimed high death rate in the town since the last five years according to the top detectives’ officers in the district.


About six people were netted over the weekend during the Easter day celebration for allegedly braking into a shop in Lira town .Police say they are investigating the incidents.




MP John Odit clashes with Church of Uganda


By Ronald Odongo


Lira, March 24, 2008: The leadership of Anglican churches in Erute South constituency Lira district  has clashed with the area member of parliament for allegedly telling believers to vote for NRM party candidates only in 2011 during a fundraise drive.


Rev. William Odunu Odur and Ongom Dokolo, leaders of all the Anglican Church in Amach Sub County in Lira District reportedly told hundreds of the church believers not to vote for the current Erute South Member of Parliament John Odit, accusing him of not bringing development to the constituency.


According to MP John Odit (above, right), the two top church leaders accused him of not supporting them in the constructions of St. Simon Barowo Church of Uganda and swindling 10 million constituency development funds.


A 53 year old man,  Tonny Ogwang who is a church believer attached to St. Simon Barowo blamed MP John Odit of turning down their invitations to presides over the fundraising for over three times. He accused Odit for not supporting churches.


MP John Odit who stood on Uganda People’s Congress ticket is the third politician to accuse and register high doubts about the leadership of the Anglican Churches in Lango sub region.


The two church officers alleged that they have invited MP John Odit over three times to support the church constructions but all proved fruitless. They asked why the area MP could not support the project.


MP John Odit accused the two top church leaders of using their position to decampaign him and openly campaigning for the ruling NRM party politicians.


Both of the two leaders denied of having told the believers to out vote MP John Odit claiming that it was the local people who threatened not to vote for him in the 2011.


Last month a section of independent members of parliament in the sub region accused leadership of Anglican churches of being partisan.


They were demanding explanations as to why some grass root Anglican Church leaders in Oyam South were siding with the UPC candidate during a bye election to replace late Okullu Epak who died last year.



Lango Paramount Chief mourns Speaker Okello Ebic


By Phillips Ogile


Lira, March 21, 2009: The Paramount Chief of Lango also the head of LCF, His Highness Yocam Odur the Wonyaci (left) has sent a condolence message to the family of the late Y.K Okello Ebic, speaker of Lango Cultural Foundation, who passed away on Monday 17 March 2008.


In his condolence message, Yocam Odur lauded the fallen cultural Speaker as a library of knowledge, history and wisdom. Odur maintains that Okello role in Lango Cultural Foundation leadership was pivotal for the decease’s vast knowledge.


Burial arrangements are underway in his ancestral home in Apala Sub County in Lira District.

The foundation has lost two key figures since its inception in 2006. Last year it lost Culture minister retired Major Ben Olila who has been replaced with Wakili Okello.


A history teacher in Lira one Ogwang blames the foundation of failure to compile history from its knowledgeable members to keep in its archives. He says this mistake makes it easy for the history and cultural values to erode incase of death of knowledgeable elders.






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