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January 29, 2009

As the allied forces from Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Southern Sudan comb Garamba Forest where the barbaric LRA rebels have been hiding, Lango Web correspondent Ronald Odongo has sent pictures from the frontline which disprove claims by some Acholi Legislators that government troops bombed empty camps and killed only monkeys. Some of the pictures  haven’t been published because they are too graphic, but they do confirm that LRA rebels have been hit hard and are being effectively eliminated.

Photo: UPDF soldiers hunting LRA rebels in the jungles of DRC

A top Ugandan army Commander arrives in DRC 

Capt Deo Akiiki (left) meets MONUC officer in DRC

Ugandan & DRC army officers share information

UPDF soldier tracking down Kony rebels

UPDF commandos boarding a helicopter  

Ugandan and DRC officers shake hands

UPDF soldiers inspect the bodies of LRA rebels

The body of one of the rebels

One of the rescued women being welcomed by a UPDF officer

Women rescued from LRA rebels being interviewed


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