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Lango Conference: Won Nyaci's Speech

Official opening by Won Nyaci, Yocam Odur


·           Won Nyaci Yosam Odur commended the organisers of the conference for bringing the people of Lango together.


·           He reported that Government responded to the request of the Langi and gave them new districts of Amolatar, Dokolo and Oyam. More are still needed.


·           On peace, he talked about the effect of cattle rustling and LRA war on the Langi, and outlined peace efforts with the Karamojong, the Acholi and other neighbours.


·           On health he said the conflict resulted in destruction of roads, homes and hospitals and acute shortage of water and food in the affected areas. Although there are health centres in all sub-counties, there is serious lack of medicine. Medical staff are too few. HIV/AIDS prevalence is very high.


·           Education has been seriously affected and educational standard is extremely low. There is no university in Lango.


·           Land dispute is common due to lack of understanding. But clans and local governments as well as the central government are trying their best to resolve disputes amicably


·           Religious leaders in Lango are strongly united but new religion that condones homosexuality and lesbianism is around the corner. The Langi do not want gay sexual practices because such practices conflict with Lango  traditions and customs


·           There are many orphans and widows in IDP camps in areas directly affected by LRA war. The youth have a leader in Won Nyaci’s office. Women also have a representative in Won Nyaci’s office


·           Narrated how the Won Nyaci institution came into being.


·           The Central Government of Uganda, MPs of Lango, district local governments of Lango and Councilors are working hand in hand with Lango Cultural Foundation to promote peace and development in Lango


·           Appealed to the Langi to return home, teach children Leb Lango and Lango traditions and take foreign spouses home.


Recommendations from Won Nyaci’s speech


(a)       The Langi are filled with the spirit of forgiveness and should remain so – forgiving ourselves and others.


(b)       Hon Minister Omara Atubo and all other MPs should join hands in lobbying the government for a Lango University. A suitable 80 acre site has been located in Loro Core PCT.  The PCT of Loro will be transferred to Oyam district Headquarters.  


(c)       It would be good if the Government of Uganda and international NGOs could provide tractors for Lango farmers as this would boost agricultural production.


(d)       The Langi in the Diaspora should endeavor to return home in order to rebuild Lango.



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